Creative Presentation Templates for Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers Presentation Template

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In our previous blogs, we have come to terms with how important a good presentation is in every field. Now, we can glance upon its relevance in slightly more technical fields, like architecture, interior designing, and engineering. These fields, however technical they may seem, do involve a significant degree of creativity. As it’s said, “creativity is just intelligence having fun.”  So, they involve both technicality as well as creativity to leave behind a legacy to be followed. Communication of ideas is as important for these professionals as it is for any person into existence.

First off, client dealings are present in every profession and the low attention spans is the first and foremost reason to have good presentations and the relevant skills. Second, considering the field of interior designing, it requires a huge amount of pictorial representation to stir the imagination and let the viewer understand the presenters’ vision.  Lily Walters once said “The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send, but, by what the listener receives.” Starting with the professions of architects and interior designers, the presentations are not just about presenting their thoughts and ideas, but also a way of studying architectural problems and finding a solution for them.

Carefully drafted presentations help you stand out from the competitors and ensure to grab any opportunity that may cross your paths. Moving to engineers, having the knowledge and expertise in the field may be the most important quality, but if one is not capable enough to endorse and present their skills in a way that can immediately captivate the viewer, all their skills may become unrecognizable. A presentation not only communicate ideas, but, puts them forth in a creative manner which makes the viewer feel that a considerate amount of innovation is involved as well, which is quite rare. It is a general opinion that engineers are good at technical knowledge, but in many cases, it is more important to be creative. A person who may have been attending various presentations would already be versed with the technicalities. What he might be more interested in would now be something that would grab his whole and sole attention not by some rocket sciences, but, something so attractive and seemingly unique, which is only possible if the idea is correctly presented.

For the professions being discussed, few things must be kept in mind while preparing presentations, like, using the appropriate amount of images, not using jargon that would be difficult for the audience to understand, and the presentations being of an appropriate length; not too short, not too long.

To relieve you from the hassle of surfing all of the internet for ideas and tips for an amazing presentation, go through this list of some handpicked presentation templates loved by the industry experts:

  • Black Architecture Template

    Let the color of power, elegance, and sophistication give an instant creative boost to your thoughts through this stunning presentation template. It consists of images of buildings and skyscrapers, for a perfect presentation pertaining to architectural designs or even real estate pitches, which can even be changed if you require different images to suit your requirement. The graphs and charts of various types and designs enable easy representation of statistical facts and figures easily. The icons can be easily added through the wide range of free templates available at which can help you create greater emphasis on your research and services offered to create a better impact on your viewers.

Black Architecture Presentation Template Feature ImageBlack Architecture Presentation Template

Download for free now!

  • Architecture Studio template

    The template comes with an icon pack which can even be used for various other presentations. It offers a dark and gray scale theme and basic layouts, both with and without images. Customized mainly for use by architects for a wide variety of projects, it can be used by other professionals, as well as students and teachers with a little customization which is pretty convenient since the template consists of 25 slides which are easy to edit, both in terms of graphics, and images. Some modifications here and there can even convert this template into a pitch deck and hence usable by architects to promote their services, as well as new project ideas overall. This template finds its utility by providing the architects the ability to develop through practice, visualization and easily presenting graphic models.

Architecture Studio Presentation Template Feature Image

Download architecture studio template

  • Abstract Stripe Lines Template

    A presentation created with significant amount of hard work and ideation requires a theme and design just as perfect as this abstract line template has. It offers a wide variety of graphic slides as well as a built in SWOT analysis slide. Bright and dynamic colors, when combined with your artworks and images are sure to make any presentation a full proof success. The image placeholders provide you with the flexibility to insert relevant pictures for enhancing the overall look and appeal. Consisting of a whopping 135 icons, it comes with an icon pack accessible across the template and complimenting the overall color scheme, the template would easily make the presentation memorable and worthwhile. The graphics and styles can be used as easily by students and teachers as by creative artists and fashion designers.

    Abstract Stripes Lines PowerPoint Templates_wowTemplates_Feature ImageAbstract Stripes Lines Presentation template

    Download for free

  • City Stories Presentation Template

    The quickly expanding real estate industry requires a stand-out presentation that would say by itself, that this is the one, and, to simplify this task; this city stories template is just quintessential. Present your real estate stories and presentation with complete ease since this template can work just as fine with minimum to no customizations at all. Designed to impress, it is elegant as well as beautiful, and has 5 slides to make your presentation crisp and to the point without the hassle of even inserting the graphics because it has the perfect graphics and text holders to suit your needs. You can even use it for showcasing a real estate project or even the beautiful stories of your real estate company which may be so dear to you that it deserves to be glorified through this presentation template.

City Stories Presentation Feature Image
City Stories Presentation Template

Download now!

  • Purple Curve Template

    The color purple which is associated with royalty, luxury, and ambition, comes together with the designs and layouts crafted by wowTemplates to help you create a presentation with utmost perfection and grace. Consisting of 38 slides, it is best suited for a more elaborate presentation. The inbuilt graphics and designs offer you a wide array of possibilities for using this template, be it for general and year-end business reports or assessment and audit related reports. It also finds its relevance for consultancy reports, pitch decks as well as school or college case study presentations. It offers a wide variety of layouts ranging from bullet points and flowcharts to graphs and pie charts for easy representation of the data, at the same time, being completely customizable to create a phenomenal presentation.

Purple-curve-background-PPT-templates Feature Image
Purple curve background Template

Download This Template for free

  • Yellow Pyramid Presentation Template

    We are quite well versed with the significance of contrasting and complimenting colors, so, this template comes with an ochre yellow theme and blue highlights, both of which go perfectly well. Further, the graphics and visuals which hold the utmost importance in keeping the audience engaged are found in abundance in this template. To put forth in a simpler way, it offers a visual treat by the ample, yet, not excessive usage of graphs, charts and icons. Considering greater personalization, this template still won’t disappoint you since it is absolutely customizable to help you put in that magic touch of yours to create a flawless presentation for all fields, from business to professionals and learners alike.

    Yellow-PowerPoint-Template-for-Modern-Business Feature Image

      Yellow Pyramid Template for Modern Business

    Download this template now.

  • Creative Polygon Template

    Designs have the power to evoke a person’s emotions and stick to the mind in an irreversible way. This creative polygon template offers various geometrical patterns arranged in a way to create abstract look and keeping it neat and clear at the same time. The combination of two very lively colors: light blue and yellow, wherein light blue signifies understanding and softness, and yellow signifies enlightenment, happiness and creates a lively feel. It has an info graphic style which has a wide variety of uses. It offers utility not just for artistic purposes, but for business presentations and researches as well. It offers in built icons and graphics too.

    Creative-Low-Polygon-PowerPoint-Templates Feature Image

      Creative Polygon Template

    Download this template.

  • Abstract Polygon Template-

    A unique presentation template with various styles built in, and has a timeline style slide to amplify the data represented. The graphics consisted allow various statistical facts and figures to be effectively represented as well. Every slide covers a wide array of designs made with icons as well. The images, graphics, and icons that can be easily customized to suit all types of information that may be required to be presented. Ace your presentations with your creativity and skill, completed perfectly with this artistic template.

Abstract Polygonal Space PowerPoint Templates Feature image

Download this template for free.

  • Wave Lines Template

    Offering subtler colors, at the same time, not making it look bland, this template is pretty artistic and its appearance is quite lively, too. It consists of 48 slides, containing many different types of layouts for representing different styles that you would want to make your presentation vivid and worthwhile for your viewers. The icons and graphics are basic, and not too extravagant to maintain the professional feel while always retaining the creative and artistic touch. It is suitable for all artists, businessman, students and professionals with a few easy customizations and modifications.

Wave Lines PowerPoint Presentation Template _ Feature Image
Wave Lines PowerPoint Presentation Template

Download this for free.

  • Clean Energy Template

    Clean energy has been constantly gaining popularity across the globe, so we cannot deny that the presentations for the same would increase, too. Also, recent architectural projects and engineering assignments face the requirement of clean and green energy installments. The template offers ample amount of graphics and pictures related to environment, energy, plants, etc. the green color theme represents nature and sustainability. Last three slides contain icons that can be relied upon for easy usability across the presentation. Graphs, charts, diagrams etc. are present in a suitable amount to help your presentation stand out in this ever expanding market and industry.

Clean Energy PowerPoint Presentation Template Feature Image
Clean Energy Presentation Template


Download for free!

Signing off, hoping you could get your presentation perfected with these amazing templates carefully crafted and set up, selected by experts for various categories. Check out other blogs as well, and keep checking this section for more guides and info to help you get a perfect presentation every time.


About the Author

Parisha Thukral

Parisha Thukral

Parisha is a Content Manager at wowTemplates. She is an experienced Content writer with experience of more than 3 years in the field of Product description and Marketing. She handles all the articles and blogs, product description and presentation categorisation at wowTemplates. You can connect with her for freelancing assignments.

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