Creative Presentation Templates for Marketing Professionals Presentation Template

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Table of Contents

“Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

Now, what differentiates good marketing and great marketing is the way in which the products and ideas are put forth. First off, understanding the importance of marketing is important. It enables a business to maintain a healthy, long-lasting, and ever-present relationship with their audience. Further, it ensures the growth of a business through both old and new customer engagement.

Now comes presenting of the marketing ideas hence formed. A study showed that over 30 million presentations are delivered daily, and millions of people who sit in front of those, analyzing, reviewing, understanding, and acting upon them. Each of these presentations varies: some leave an impact on the viewers, and some don’t. Marketing is another aspect that is not untouched by the importance of putting forth a point in an easily comprehendible and effective way. Modern marketing often has to compete for attention from the constantly decreasing attention spans of the people, who have little time and over packed schedules. Understanding the concept as one of the most important business function is as important as involving the proper techniques for it.
To make sure your marketing presentation leaves a mark on the viewers’ minds, here are a few points to keep in mind to make sure that your point is put across in an unmovable manner-

  1. The Message– An impactful message without being offensive or controversial is the key to any presentation.
  2. Simplification– A clear, crisp and concise presentation with no extra clutter on the screen and no overwhelming animations tends to capture the attention of the readers more easily than having to search for the relevant content on screen.
  3. Color schemes- Some colors tend to appear more attractive, while some can appear extra flashy, and some too bland. These play a very important role in deciding the efficacy of a presentation. Also, a contrasting color scheme for the background and text has to be kept in mind.
  4. Quality- The quality of images should be kept in mind while inserting in a presentation. The layouts, as well as formatting are the key features to be taken care of along with limiting the number of slides.

Presentation templates provide a pretty effective way to organize, summarize and present ideas and reports, at the same time not being too boring or mechanical and keeping the audience engaged. Offering you some Marketing presentation templates here, to reduce your hassle of repeatedly analyzing the points to be kept in mind while creating a presentation to simplify your tasks and amplifying your ideas:

  • Marketing Business Presentation Template

    – Pre built with 25 slides, which is certainly a fair number of slides, so as to keep the audience engaged. Also, it provides info graphics as well to make your presentation interactive and easy to comprehend. Coming to the color scheme, a contrast of grey and red has been made so that the colors contrast as well as complement each other. It is quite suitable for all professional purposes as well. It can be used further for visually professional marketing ideas, market research report, product introduction presentation, and marketing business performance reports.
    Get this template for free now!

Marketing Business - PowerPoint Templates_Presentation _Feature Image
Marketing Business Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slide

Download This Presentation Template

  • Affiliate Marketing Presentation Template

    Affiliate marketing is low cost, high in returns, and offers work flexibility as well, and it has already set its foot into the markets on a large scale now. So, to make an impact into this widespread avenue, a presentation has to be captivating and creative, both of which features are present in this template. It offers an option to even customize the color scheme as per your requirements and the backgrounds. Containing interesting graphics on various slides in different layouts, you can easily rely on this template to consolidate your hours of research that you spent on a presentation into something that is sure to lead fruitful results.
    Boost your marketing options with this now!

Affiliate Marketing Presentation Template _ WowTemplate
Affiliate Marketing Presentation Template

Download This Presentation Template

  • Dynamic Work Report Presentation Template

    From artists, professionals, and teachers, to students and businessmen, work reports are so necessary, yet not taken proper care of. Students and teachers may require assessment report related presentation, whereas business and other professionals may need it for yearly work summaries, campaigning and marketing, or maybe even pitch desk presentations. Here, this expertly designed template comes into play. With a light brown color scheme, it gives a dynamic and organized look to your data. The inbuilt icons and graphics serve as a cherry on top in this extremely professional and creative presentation template. Moreover, the designs and layout can even be customized as per your requirements to make it the best fit for your presentations.

    Get started with great presentations for free!

Dynamic-Work-Report-Powerpoint-Template (JP)-Feature Image
Dynamic-Work-Report-PowerPoint-Template (JP)

Download This Presentation Template

  • Abstract Work Summary Template

    Management is often enhanced by visuals and graphics, charts, and graphs. This template brings to you 48 slides, carefully adorned with graphics of balloons and dollars for better visual and conceptual clarity for various types of presentations for various needs. These graphics can be easily used for fund management, money market, consultancy, and cost related business ideas. It comes with an added advantage of the last three slides containing icons and images for easy customization of slides, texts, text boxes and other graphics to make it best suited for your needs. The customizable color scheme also helps you to highlight the points that you want to draw more attention to in a more convenient manner and giving you the ease of choosing what you want to highlight and what not.
    Start your new professional presentation with this template!

Abstract Style Work Summary Presentation Template_PowerPoint _ Feature Image
Abstract Style Work Summary Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download This Presentation Template

  • Blue Magic Business Template

    A multi-purpose business template to cover a wide range of different presentations to help you ace the projects with complete ease. It has 24 slides with a light blue color scheme which is a highly professional color, while being subtle at the same time. This color scheme and its unique design make it a simple, yet, elegant template offering great ease of use as well. Further, the customizable charts, graphs, and other objects provide for a high degree of flexibility and easily highlight your main points. Social case studies and science projects can be accurately made with this. It is also beneficial for professionals, consultants, business managers and executives due to its business oriented template slides.
    Find your perfect blue magic now!

Blue Magic Presentation Template Feature Image
Blue Magic Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slides

Download This Presentation Template

  • Clothing Line Ideas Template

    An industry so creative and so widespread requires innovation, and an amazing skillset to enable a single person leave an impression, and this is only possible with presenting it extraordinarily. Thousands of designers and labels competing to stand out leading to a possible clutter as well. This 28 slide crisp, artsy, creative and easy to use template offers a one stop solution for all such professionals. The presence of info graphics and images of clothing stores create a visual in the minds of the audience. Also, a colorful, pinkish theme in this template is pretty suitable for depicting the amount of innovation invested in your project, be it a new clothing line, store, its projections, plans, achievements and what not. Adding your own touch to this near perfect template is sure to amplify your point and make you leave your own mark on the extravagant fashion and apparel industry.
    Get started with your creativity with this free template!

Clothing Brand Presentation Template Feature Image
Clothing Brand Presentation Template for Google Slide and PowerPoint

Download This Presentation Template

  • Pitch Ideas templates

    In this ever expanding corporate and professional world, pitching has become an indispensable task, and requires a significant amount of understanding of both the requirements as well as psychology of the audience. Presentations play almost like a decider’s role in such situations, because of the intensity of impact they create. Providing utility for artists, professionals, businessmen, or even students and teachers, this template has the accurate amount of graphics and images so as to keep the viewers engaged, as well as not losing the focus from the main point and diverting their attention to the graphics. The in-built images and icons, perfected with the color scheme along with being provided with the ease of customization to maintain your personal touch makes this template as perfect as it can be.
    Start creating a perfect pitch with this amazing template, absolutely free!

Pitch Ideas Presentation Deck Template
Pitch Ideas Presentation Deck Template for Google Slides and PowerPoint

Download This Presentation Template

  • Creative Idea Bulb Template

    A bulb symbolizes new ideas, light, innovation, and is the perfect form of representing enlightenment. Let alone professionals, in this ever changing environment and constant developments both in technologies and in the way of life, no person is untouched by the ever increasing importance of creativity and innovation. With creative layouts and designs, placed just as appropriately as could be, use this template to amplify your ideas and leave the audience spellbound with the sparks of your creativity. Get this template with zero hassle now!

Creative-Idea-Bulb-PowerPoint-Template Feature Image

Download This Presentation Template

  • Fashion Art Style Presentation Template

    To highlight your artistic side, this template offers you a wide range of features to make you say, “This is the one!” It comes with a modern and creative touch, and is quite multipurpose, offering utility for your amazing ideas to be consolidated in a unique way. Dark theme, paired with info graphic style and a SWOT (Strength, weakness, opportunities, threats) analysis template slides combined with the customizable layouts, designs and animations prove to be a perfect fit for product introductions, pitch deck presentations, progress reports as well as providing styles for representing roadmaps.
    Begin creating your perfect artistic presentation with this unique template!

Fashion Art Style PowerPoint and Google Slide Presentation Template

Download This Presentation Template

Hope this helped you pick the perfect fit for your upcoming presentations and helped you make an impact. Stay tuned for more such ideas and tips coming your way regularly!

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Parisha Thukral

Parisha is a Content Manager at wowTemplates. She is an experienced Content writer with experience of more than 3 years in the field of Product description and Marketing. She handles all the articles and blogs, product description and presentation categorisation at wowTemplates. You can connect with her for freelancing assignments.

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