Technology Related Creative Presentation Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides Presentation Template

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Table of Contents

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.”

Godfrey Reggio

Technology is a field that has infinite possibilities and innovation and has been playing a significant role in development and advancement of the human society for a considerably long time now, which leads us to the fact that investments and involvement of almost all companies is vested into this sector.

So, presentations are a great way to visualize and enhance the efficiency of the data and ideas represented. To further enhance your dynamic requirements across the world:

  • IOT Smart City Infographic Presentation Template

    For quite some time, it has been observed that there has been a greater emphasis on IOT (Internet of Things) smart cities, which are more developed, and offer way more ease of living to the users. This eventually draws the attention of investors and startups towards these smart cities, therefore increasing the requirement for a pitch deck presentation since the subject matter involves visualization and ideation. This template offers you graphics and backgrounds relating to smart cities, set in 48 slides to portray your goals, ideas, and statistics with customers or investors. It also offers an icon pack with about 138 icons to make your presentation interactive and appealing.

IOT Smart City PowerPoint Presentation Template Free_wowTemplates_Feature Image
IOT Smart City PowerPoint Presentation Template

Download IOT Smart City Template for Free

  • 3D Printing Technology Presentation Idea and Template

    3D printing is rapidly gaining importance and a lot of research and ideation is being done on that, and to present such new innovations, all we need is a great presentation which can be created pretty easily with this template. The cover slide comes with 3D log emphasizing the 3D technologies. The themes and other graphics also revolve around the subject. The color scheme and icon pack, however customizable, acts as a cherry on top with a wide variety of usability. Extended uses of this template may be for robotic and other technological representations.

3D Printing Technology PowerPoint Templates_wowTemplates_Feature Image
3D Printing Technology Presentation Template

Download 3D Printing Technology Template for Free

  • Clean Energy Ideas Presentation Design and Template 

    Understanding and accepting the needs of our environment at this point is one of the most important in a business or field at the moment. Constant changes and upgrades for the same can be spotted in the markets, and to stand out in them, you need to provide trust and compassion to the customers, and presentation, we believe, can sure help in that. The green color theme, icon packs and graphics, all neat and clean, offer you a canvas to show your creativity and make a lasting impression.

Clean Energy PowerPoint Presentation Template Feature Image
Clean Energy Presentation Template

Download clean energy presentation template for Free

    • Industry Revolution PowerPoint Presentation Template 

      Enhancing the quality of your presentation with minimum effort, you can easily use this template for a variety of purposes, owing to its graphics and icons suitable for industry, manufacturing, robotics, business, and industrialization processes. It comes with an elegant design that can be used by business associates, consultants and industry managers alike. The pre-built agenda, timeline, and charts slides provide further ease of use.

industry Revolution Presentation Template - Feature Image
Industry Revolution Presentation Template

Download Industry Revolution Presentation Template for Free!

These templates are easy to use and customize to help you add your own touch to whatever you would want to present. Moreover, these also help you adapt to the changing requirements for a great presentation that can suit all your technical requirements and help create a lasting impression on the minds of your viewers.

Stay tuned for more amazing suggestions, ideas and templates for your next presentations.

About the Author

Parisha Thukral

Parisha Thukral

Parisha is a Content Manager at wowTemplates. She is an experienced Content writer with experience of more than 3 years in the field of Product description and Marketing. She handles all the articles and blogs, product description and presentation categorisation at wowTemplates. You can connect with her for freelancing assignments.

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