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It is our continuous effort to provide assistance to our users while selecting the right presentation template and curating a professional and best presentation for their personal and professional use. This page is dedicated in providing the best and relevant presentation ideas and recommendation by various blogs and articles to our users. You can explore various articles and blogs curated by our presentation experts based user recommendations, usability and scalability of the designs and layouts. We will post articles and blogs periodically to help you in your presentations.

Infographic Presentation Ideas for Consultants and Managers

Info graphic Presentation templates for Business Managers and Consultants

“Presentations are the most amazing persuasion tool available with organizations today.” -Nancy Duarte First things first, why use presentations in businesses or consultancies? Presentations are a sure shot way to...
Creative Presentation Ideas for doctors and medical practitioners

Presentation Designs and Ideas for Medical Practitioners in PowerPoint and Google Slides

A fast paced, and research based medical industry requires a huge amount of dedication as well as sincerity, both in practice, and presentation. It constitutes of a large amount of...
Creative Presentation Ideas Technology

Technology Related Creative Presentation Templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides

“It’s not that we use technology, we live technology.” Godfrey Reggio Technology is a field that has infinite possibilities and innovation and has been playing a significant role in development...
Creating Visual Impression with Agenda Slides

Create Visual Impression with Agenda Presentation Slides

“First impression is the last impression.” This statement holds true almost everywhere, from professional world, to personal. Rather, even if some would disagree with this, it cannot be argues that...
Creative Presentation Idea for Engineers, Designers and Architect Post feature Image

Creative Presentation Templates for Architects, Interior Designers and Engineers

In our previous blogs, we have come to terms with how important a good presentation is in every field. Now, we can glance upon its relevance in slightly more technical...
Creative Presentation Ideas for Marketing Professionals _Feature Image

Creative Presentation Templates for Marketing Professionals

“Good marketing makes the company look smart, great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” Now, what differentiates good marketing and great marketing is the way in which the products and...

Latest Design and Diagrams for Presentations

Apart from the blogs to help you out in curating best presentations, below are the latest infographic designs and diagrams uploaded at wowTemplates. These templates and slides are freely downloadable. Explore these templates in details by exploring dedicated page for designs and diagrams using navigation menu.