7 awesome marketing presentations for 2022

Download these wonderful and completely free marketing presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides for 2022.

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Do you have an upcoming marketing presentation to make ?

Need to show how your digital marketing results are stacking up with a great PPT marketing presentation?

Try a marketing plan template which is available on the internet for free to quickly get started with. This blog post will try to list down the free PowerPoint ppt template [useable for google slides too] for your next marketing presentation.

Metaverse marketing presentation

Metaverse Pitch Deck Presentation template feature image

Metaverse is a hot topic for 2022. Everyone is trying to get into the meta verse and virtual reality studio. Hence, if you are planning to sell something – product or service in the meta verse – this is your right template. This PowerPoint template comes with blue color presentation background. Also, it comes with infographic designs and reuse able shapes related to metaverse and Virtual reality.

Download Metaverse Marketing Presentation template

Blue Paper Plane Infographics

paper plane infographics free presentation template

Blue Paper plane Infographics is a free presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. This downloadable free presentation template is useful for consultancy services presentation, engineering presentation deck, digital marketing service presentations, animation services presentation deck, project report deck, city building ideas presentation, city building case study report and many more architecture related presentations.

Download this presentation template

Crypto Coin Project Marketing Presentation

Crypto Coin PowerPoint Template Feature image

If you are in search of a crypto mining presentation template, then you are exactly where you should be. Now making your content appealing is not something you have to worry about.

Whatever online cryptocurrency projects you plan to launch, you can bring them to an entirely different level with our modern presentation PowerPoint and Google Slides template.

Download crypto marketing presentation template

Minimal Marketing Presentation

Minimal Marketing PowerPoint Template feature image

Investing in creating an elegant presentation for your marketing plan is essential. But what if you’re just a beginner and you want a free template that still looks outstanding?

The main focus for this theme is on your own marketing content instead of design elements. However, it still looks stunning, even without heavy effects and graphic elements. First of all, the black & white color tone, along with a bit of gray and blue, will create an astonishing look for your audience. Besides, one thing that really strikes about minimal templates is the amount of whitespace. You will get clean backgrounds to make all messages, images stand out and minimize distraction.

Download minimal marketing presentation template

Black Friday Marketing Campaign 

Black Friday Campaign PowerPoint Template feature image

Black Friday is an informal name in the 1960s for the Friday that follows Thanksgiving day. That day, people line up at retail stores to buy as well as looking for lucrative deals online. Like every year, it marks the start of one of the most important marketing campaigns.

This design will not let you down, it makes your clients feel like it’s the perfect time to go shopping. Our template is very attractive and has a modern look, you just need to look at the dark gradient backgrounds. As a result, they will help you grab attention, highlight all important messages effortlessly. Moreover, the palette was made of black, yellow and red, conveying a lot of energy to make your presentation even cooler.

Download black Friday marketing campaign presentation template

Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency PowerPoint Template feature image

You are running a modern digital marketing agency, then presentations to show your value is indispensable. And it could be even more essential when you dive into a new business venture. With this template, you do not need to start from the ground up but still keep the investors impressed.

Download digital marketing agency presentation template

Events Marketing Agency

Events Marketing Agency PowerPoint Template feature image

Are you preparing a presentation to promote your event agency? Would you like to set your business apart? You may consider using this free marketing template. We guarantee to help you come up with the most impressive slides to make buzz and grab more clients.

Download events marketing agency presentation template


Now, at the end, if you are looking for more elegant marketing presentation templates and designs. Visit us time and again and subscribe our YouTube Channel [FREE PRESENTATION TEMPLATE YOUTUBE CHANNEL] to stay updated.

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