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Architecture Studio is a multi slide Presentation Template for PowerPoint and Google Slide. The color scheme is grayscale and dark theme. There are section breaks to display various parts and agenda in the Presentation. It comes with basic layouts (with and without images). Architects can use this presentation template to highlight key pointers on their on-going projects. Achievements in projects can also be elaborated using the slides.

The architectural presentation is a required course within the architectural education and architectural education curriculum. The most important goal of the this presentation template is to assist architects to develop, through extensive practice, the visualize projects, highlight achievements to present a graphic model of a final project or to highlight specific details of a project.

Architects can also make modifications in this presentation to convert this into a Pitch Deck. Pitch deck is required to highlight upcoming project ideas and solicit potential investors. Investors are required for big projects with huge capital intensive infrastructure. Either Architects can pitch their services or can pitch the whole project.

Architects are primary user for this presentation template, however, other professionals, students and teachers can also use this minimal grayscale based presentation template as well. For scalable usage of this presentation template, you will require a little modification. You also might require to add few graphs and charts for your presentation. Modifying this presentation template with 25 Slides is very easy. You can start customizing layouts by accessing the Slide Master.

Furthermore, this presentation template comes with an icon pack which is useable across various slides. The text boxes and icons are customizable as per requirement across the whole presentation template for Architects.

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