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Corporate Reporting refers to the presentation and disclosure aspects of reporting and includes Integrated Reporting, Financial Reporting, Corporate Governance, Corporate Responsibility etc. Internationally, most regulations include both mandatory and voluntary disclosures to add value for the stakeholders. Also, A key component in corporate reporting is an annual corporate report. What is an annual report? It is a comprehensive report intended to give information to shareholders and other interested people about a company’s activities and financial performance throughout the preceding year.

Investors, banks and your board of directors will want more than a basic statement of profitability. And, Corporate financial reporting provides a variety of accounting methods for showcasing operating data and reporting debits and credits according to basic accounting principles.

This presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slide can help you in drafting visually impressive and infographic rich Presentation for your corporate reporting responsibilities.

The presentation template comes with layouts and designs which can be useful in showcasing various aspect of information sought by the management. You can summarize the business information and visually showcase these information using this Presentation template for efficient and effective Corporate Reporting. Furthermore, you can alter or modify the icons and color scheme of this presentation template and its already built designs, as per your requirement.

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