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Global Logistics is a logistics business presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. Global logistics refers to the flow of resources and information between a business or source and the consumer. It is a management process that analyzes how resources are acquired, stored and transported. Also, To be effective, the process requires detailed analysis of a company’s entire supply chain. This presentation template is helpful for professionals, business managers and consultants from logistics business. Also, students and teachers can draft case study, assessment report related to logistics business using this presentation template. MBA students can use this presentation template to summarize and present their study of logistics industry and thesis report summary.

This presentation template comes with infographic designs related to shipping business, airlifting and cargo delivery. To make it useable in various occasions within logistics industry, it comes with pre-built slide templates with various information delivery layouts. It comes with agenda presentation slide, timeline, team introduction, business performance charts and graphs slide design, business growth presentation slide etc. You can further, add photos and icons (from icon pack of 135 vector icons) to draft the best and professional presentations.

Effective management of the international supply chain process requires a strategy to effectively store and transport goods, services and related resources to the consumer. Global logistics analyzes and implements efficiencies to streamline this flow of resources from the point of origin to the point of consumption. It is a fundamental business process that includes the management of upstream and downstream relationships between suppliers and consumers. Thus, to present ideas around such global level strategy and monitor and present overall performance of an idea, presentations play a vital role. You can also check out the preview video of this presentation template to understand the type and designs in this presentation template.

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