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IOT is an emerging technological concept for human kind. IOT stands for “Internet of Things“. IoT Smart Cities’ technology enables the cutting-edge intelligence and flexibility necessary to help cities use resources more efficiently – to improve everything from quality of the air and water to transportation, energy and communication systems.

About Internet of Things (IOT) Smart City Presentation Template

There are various social case studies and projects in schools and colleges around IOT and Smart City concept, wherein presentation plays a vital role. Thus, this presentation template can define the quality of your presentation in PowerPoint or Google Slide.

The embedding of IoT technology in government systems and cities and town planning. The regionalization of practices that brings IoT and people together to enhance the innovation and knowledge that they offer. A smart city is one that utilizes the internet of things to meet the demands of the citizens within a city.

The ever growing culture around start ups and new companies working for betterment of mankind and society, there is a huge demand for quality products and services.

Hence, to create a wonderful pitch deck for companies working in IOT (Internet of Things) and Smart Cities, say of engineers or any other professionals, this presentation template can be a booster.

You can visualize and present your statistics, vision and goals around Smart cities with your customers, investors and government organizations.

Here are some of the most popular smart city technologies:

  • A top IoT device among utility companies is the “smart meter“. These devices attach to buildings and connect to a smart energy grid, allowing the utility companies to manage energy flow more effectively.
  • As populations and urbanization rise in the coming years, many cities may turn to technology and advanced networks to help them manage resource constraints. In particular, cities could increasingly turn to a section of the Internet of Things (IoT) known as smart city solutions.
  • Cities around the world are turning to smart city solutions. Use this wonderful presentation template to pitch your technology ideas and new ventures. This template comes with icon pack of 135 icons which can be helpful in enhancing the visualization across the presentation slides.

Download and Use this IOT Presentation Template

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