Overlapped Diamond PowerPoint Presentation Template

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Overlapped diamond is a free simple agenda related presentation design template. The template comes with six diamond shaped designs placed vertically with different icons and text boxes. Icons can be useful in visualization of the point or agenda. And, text boxes can help in explanation of the agenda. This template is helpful for professionals, teachers, students, consultants and business managers. Create agenda related slides in your business presentations, consultancy presentations etc. This is a minimal presentation design.

Why are agenda slides important in a PowerPoint Presentation ?

Placing an agenda at the beginning or initial screen of your PowerPoint presentation is an effective way to inform meeting attendees or participants of the focus and topics you will be discussing. While the summary slide feature is no longer available in PowerPoint, you can use a workaround to set up an agenda, which displays your choice of slide titles from the presentation. The key to streamlining the process is to select the right view. This diamond list overlapped design can be helpful in highlighting agenda and summary of the meeting quickly.

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