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Solar Energy Infographic Design is a free agenda presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. It comes with infographic design of Solar Panels and Households.

Text boxes are on the side of the infographic design of Solar Panel. The background of this presentation template is plain white. Colorful icons and text boxes in the presentation template enhances visualization of this presentation template and helps in showcasing impressive and creative slide.

The text boxes can be useful in describing agenda in the presentation related to solar energy importance, efficiency of solar project, household savings due to net metering, gross metering concept in solar plant, business objectives, consulting services list, to-do lists, action plans and many more. Enhance the quality of information delivery in your presentation by using this simple list based infographic template. 

Net Metering is a system in which solar panels or other renewable energy generators are linked with public utility grid, to offset the cost of grid consumption whenever there is excess production from solar system. Gross metering is also another concept relatable to solar energy systems.
Rooftop solar projects are emerging rapidly across the globe with the growth in consciousness towards clean energy.
This downloadable slide design can be helpful for Independent Power Providers (IPPs) to prepare a slide with net metering savings for their potential customers. Furthermore, you can also add other infographics in this slide to include more design. Other similar presentation template related to renewable energy are available at wowtemplates.
You can use keywords like – clean energy, energy, IOT Smart City, Clean water etc to search for them. Also, Students and teachers can prepare a slide to showcase importance of solar energy and solar project in science and engineering assignments.

You can customize the alignment of the icons, text boxes and infographic design of household and solar panels. Also, background of this presentation template is modifiable as per requirement. For more infographic designs like these – explore other presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides at wowTemplates.

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