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Download free presentation templates in PPTX format for business, consultancy, education and many purposes. Also, you can explore thousands of resume formats at wowTemplates. Explore using navigation menu with all the categories highlighted or use the advanced search option to explore thousands of templates for presentation and resume. Downloading these templates is easy and simple at wowTemplates. Simply select the templates of your choice and hit the download button. There is no requirement to create any account to download this presentation.

Presentation Topic: Technology

Download presentation template related to computers, Information technology, software and hardware. You might require technology presentation template for pitch deck, investors presentation deck, service portfolio, client pitch deck, new service introduction deck etc. Computer presentation help in showcasing list of services, computer software and hardware assessment report, computer school and college teaching and learning material and many more. Download free computer presentation templates, designs and ideas for free at wowTemplates.

Customize the computer presentation templates, template ppt aesthetic designs and many more as per your requirement. Blockchain based presentation ideas, IT recovery and repair and maintenance service deck ideas and many more available in this page.

Single Slide

3D Printers

3D Printers is a free agenda related presentation template. It comes with infographic design and layout helpful in enhancing visualization of agenda related presentation slide.

Big Data Algorithm Concept PowerPoint Template Feature Image
Multi Slides

Big Data Algorithm Concept

Download free presentation template in PowerPoint and Google Slides useful for visualization of big data analytics and big data SAAS start up. This presentation can

Artificial Intelligence & Robots Infographics feature image
Multi Slides

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

The Free Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Slide Template for PowerPoint is the best template to present the innovative features of AI and Robotics. This PowerPoint template

Metaverse Pitch Deck Presentation template feature image
Multi Slides

Metaverse Business Pitch Deck

Metaverse pitch deck is a multipurpose 10 slides presentation template for PowerPoint, Open Office and Google Slides. Companies building the metaverse can use this template

Laptop Infographic Design Presentation template feature image
Multi Slides

Laptop Infographics

Free Laptop PowerPoint Template is a technical design for PowerPoint presentations. The cover image has a laptop and a man using the laptop for official or

virtual Reality Presentation Template feature image
Multi Slides

Virtual Reality Technology

Free VR Technology Template is a presentation design created for preparing presentations on Virtual Reality technology. The free Virtual Reality Technology Template for PowerPoint (and compatible with

Luminous Infographics Presentation Template feature image
Multi Slides

Luminous Infographics

Free Light and Luminous Idea PowerPoint Template is a dark lightweight presentation template for entrepreneurs and business ideas. This free template contains an image of an Energy-Efficient

Smart Watch Presentation Template feature image
Multi Slides

Smart Watch Infographics

This is a technical smart watch background design for PowerPoint presentation. Free Smart Watch PowerPoint Template is a new digital design and presentation template to

QR Code Scanning PowerPoint Templates Feature Image
Multi Slides

QR Code Scanning

QR Code Scanning infographics is a free presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. This downloadable free presentation template is useful for QR Code Scanner

Multi Slides

E-Commerce Fast Delivery Services

E-Commerce Fast Delivery Services is a free presentation template for Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. This downloadable free presentation template is useful for e-commerce delivery

Mobile Control Drone PowerPoint Templates feature image
Multi Slides

Mobile Drone Services

Mobile Drone Services Infographics is a free presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. This downloadable free presentation template is useful for drone industries analysis presentation,

Eco-Friendly-Electric-Car-PowerPoint-Templates-posting feature image
Multi Slides

Eco Friendly Electric Car

This eco friendly electric car concept pptx template is based on the eco electric vehicle industry. This comes with appearance of a car with lightning

Creating PowerPoint Presentation is an art. You can showcase your ideas in many ways. Infographic designs and templates can help you in visualizing your ideas in a professional and elegant manner.

PowerPoint Presentations can be helpful in many ways. Today, many professionals, students, teachers and experts use presentations to show case their findings, project reports, study report, social experiment report, assessment reports, service portfolio, product introduction, Year end summary report and social experiment report. Furthermore, training decks are also prepared in PowerPoint using animations and interactive slides.

Types of Presentation Templates offered by wowTemplates : 

  1. Strategy Plan Presentation Templates and Design for Business and Pitch decks
  2. Pitch Deck or Proposal Presentation Templates for Budding Ideas and Pitch
  3. Sales Pitch Deck or Sales Strategy related Presentations
  4. Marketing Proposal and Strategy related Presentation Templates
  5. Investor Pitch Deck or Investment Proposal
  6. Monthly MIS i.e Management information System presentation relevant for Businesses
  7. Monthly meeting presentation
  8. Organization growth presentation and Financial Management Related Presentations
  9. Annual Operating plan or Company budget presentation
  10. Project management presentation templates
  11. Project update or business update presentations
  12. Various templates, designs and process flow ideas

However, using a pre-designed template for your presentation doesn’t mean it won’t match your style. Even if you have no prior experience using pre-made slides and presentations, you have nothing to worry about. Available in different themes, you’re sure to select one that perfectly matches your style. After selecting your preferred theme, with just a few clicks you can edit as much as you want to make it your own.

It’s all about the visuals when it comes to presentations. The editable template features HD vector-based graphics, which not only look stunning but also allow you to resize icons and images on slides. Once you’re done, you can deliver the presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Apple Keynote without any hassle.

Blogs and Articles on Presentation Ideas

wowTemplates is consistently trying to improve the quality of the content and helping out the users to curate the best and professional presentations for their personal and business use. Below are the blogposts and articles wherein our experts discuss on various presentation ideas and designs for various professionals and students and teachers. These blog post and articles are intended to support our users in selecting the right design and diagrams for their presentations.

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5 Best Examples of Out-of-Office Email Messages

Best out of office mail template by wowtemplates. Learn to configure out of office setting in outlook and office 365.

Download these wonderful and completely free marketing presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides for 2022.
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7 awesome marketing presentations for 2022

Download these wonderful and completely free marketing presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides for 2022.

What is slide transition and how to do slide transition tutorial blog feature image
PowerPoint Tutorials

What is Slide Transition ?

Learn about Slide Transition in PowerPoint and how to do slide transition to make your presentation visually appealing in this tutorial blog.