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Golden Bitcoin is a freely available PPT Template related to business. This business presentation template comes with infographic designs and icons of bitcoin and other crypto currency. This presentation is useful for business managers and entrepreneurs who aim to start business in the field of cryptocurrency and crypto mining. Also, this presentation template can be useful for case studies related to crypto currency. This template comes with various sections. You can introduce your team members using images and short biography. Crypto developers and blockchain developers are very much in demand these days. The development in blockchain is emerging field. Highlight your team power using the infographic slide offered in this template. The background of this presentation template in PowerPoint and Google Slide is set Plain White.

Furthermore, you can showcase roadmap and timeline of your idea or history of your business/ organization as well. This template has pre-built design for the same. If you want to explore designs related to timeline and roadmap, you can use advanced search tool as well or navigation menu. The color scheme of this presentation template is yellowish golden. You can show projection of revenue, sales or downloads of your application related to crypto or blockchain, using line charts and graphs. There are many infographic style slides and layouts designed specifically for entrepreneurs and developers working on De-Fis, Crypto and blockchain.

In addition to this Golden Bitcoin presentation template, you can also check out Blockchain technology presentation template. It is somehow relatable with the same theme.

Fun Fact : If you are building a crypto related start up , you can check out the competition organized by “Next Top Blockchain Startup“. This is by GDA Capital for blockchain developers and they offer bounties in crypto and hackathon.

Do checkout the preview video of this presentation template below to understand more about the slide designs and infographic crypto relatable images and icons that comes along with this template.

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