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Industry Revolution is a free business presentation template with forty five pre-built slides. It is useful and compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides. It comes with infographic design relatable with Industry, Manufacturing, Robotics, business revolution and industrialization concepts. You can find pre-built slides on agenda and timeline infographic. Agenda and timeline infographics help in telling stories and point of view of the presentation owner in a professional manner. Consultants and Industry Managers or Business Associates can showcase the agenda of the presentation and timeline or roadmap using these slides. Also, you can introduce your team members using an elegant design that this template offers. There are infographics in each slide to enhance the visualization. These infographics are mainly related to logos and designs of industries, robots and many more.

This presentation template can be useful for creating ideas and pitch deck related to robotic process automation in industries and manufacturing units. Also, Business managers can use this template to quickly draft the operational performance reports in a best and professional manner. This template offers free editable shapes which can be replaced or reused in various occasion in this presentation or any other business related presentations.

Enhance the quality of your business presentations using free Presentation Templates and infographics. You can customize the color schemes and layout of this presentation template, as per your requirement. Modifying this template is very easy, by accessing master slider. This template comes with charts and graphs relevant for businesses and personal finance. You can incorporate your business excel and spreadsheet workings in a professional and elegant manner. If you want to explore budget templates for Excel and Spreadsheet, you can visit Extracting data and quickly computing the industry performance with use of budget templates, employee attendance and sales and invoice tracking is easier. Furthermore, same computation can be presented using the templates offered by wowTemplates.

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