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Business Ideas Light Bulb is a unique business presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. This Presentation template comes with pre-built slides with business and idea related infographic designs. The color scheme of this presentation template is dark and minimal.

Furthermore, Idea bulb infographics have been used in many slides to denote the beauty of Business Ideas. This Presentation template is useful for business managers, professionals, consultants, teachers and students.

The background of this presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slide is black and plain white mixed. There are various pre-built layouts and designs for team introduction, agenda highlights, timeline and roadmap, infographic agenda, section break, service portfolios and many more.

You can also add more slides and layouts as per your requirement. Do not forget to watch the preview video of this presentation template to understand the slides and layout that comes with this business presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

How to Download and Use this Presentation Slide Template?

This presentation slide design is easy to download. You do not require any account creation at wowTemplates to download it. To use this Presentation Template, You will require for Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides access.

You can customize the alignment of the shapes and icons as per your idea for PowerPoint and Google Slide. Also, background of this presentation template is modifiable as per requirement. For more info graphic designs like these – explore other presentation templates for PowerPoint and Google Slides at wowTemplates.

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