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Download our Free Diversity Report Slide Template for presenting your company diversity report using creative visual illustrations.

Understanding Diversity Report

Diversity reports are prepared to showcase how a company treats in terms of reform and social attitude towards various ethnic/cultural/racial groups existing within the organization. In the current era, it is required for every organization to keep track of the proper treatment of all individuals working under the law.

So, this free diversity report PowerPoint template carries visual illustrations for company presentations. This report includes a clear account of groups working in an organization and the data showing the preservation of their rights.

About diversity presentation report template

This Free Diversity Report Slide Template has five template slides. The cover slide shows five human characters, each representing a different racial group, i.e., they have contrasting skin tones. Following the title slide, the template carries data-driven pie charts displaying age and gender groups. Color legends are provided below each graph to present different counts. Similarly, the next slide has a bar chart layout. Presenters can edit the attached Excel sheets to customize the chart.

An editable map is also provided with color-coded pointers. So, professionals can choose between either representation or use all of them for presenting different classifications. Users can change the color schemes and the background of this free PowerPoint template according to the presentation theme.

Our free Diversity Report slide template also provides a five-milestone horizontal timeline diagram with editable text. This timeline template has a fluid design and number tags for explaining processes.

This professional PowerPoint template free download has an abstract background with a seamless color scheme. All slides of this free PPT template have footer text boxes to mention the slide numbers and the company name. Professionals from any industry can employ this layout for preparing a diversity report presentation. The modern graphical features included in the design also work best with Google Slides and Keynote.

Features of this presentation template

  • 100% Editable PowerPoint Templates.
  • Compatible with all major Microsoft PowerPoint versions, Keynote and Google Slides.
  • Modern 16:9 Aspect Ratio.
  • Scalable Vectoral PowerPoint Shapes and PowerPoint Icons.
  • Instant Access and Download.

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