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Global Business Map is a business presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides. It comes with infographic style slides and layouts useful for business and conglomerates with global presence. Business managers and consultants can make presentations for business and performances using this template. There is infographic design of Global Map. You can showcase revenue per various branches, team introduction, business mission and vision slides, products introductions slides and product performance infographics in various location.

World has now turned into a global village now and industries and business nowadays go global in three four years span. Business leaders and managers need best and professional presentations to showcase the performance of their business. Furthermore, wonderful presentations help in involving new investors and acquiring new business or customers. Use Global Business Map Presentation template for PowerPoint and Google Slides to create best presentation for your business.

Students and teachers or researchers can use this presentation template for their business case studies and social campaign reports. Consultants and professionals can prepare business assessment reports using this presentation template for global business houses. You can also download similar business presentation templates at wowTemplates using navigation bar and dedicated page for the same.

This presentation template comes with elegant and vector icon pack of 135 icons. These icons can be useful in various slides to enhance the visualization of the presentation. You can also modify the color scheme and layout of this presentation template and its slides. Customization can be done by access Master Slider. Do not forget to watch the preview video of Global Business Map Presentation template to see the type of slides in this template.

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