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Customer journey map is a PowerPoint customer experience mapping infographic design. Customer journey map is also known as User journey map. This template is relevant for all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Google Slides.

It comes with various customer journey stages. Each stage captures experience of customers in various parameters.

This template can be helpful in highlighting phases of business processes, touchpoints for customers and needs and expectations from users and customers.

What is customer journey mapping ?

Customer journey mapping is also known as user journey mapping. It refers to a process of creating a visual mind map or say, a visual story of customer’s or user’s interaction with your brand, product or services.

This activity is useful for companies’ and businesses to step into the shoes of their customers. This gives a broad level perspective of being your own customer and understanding how well your brand, product, or service does when you “get high on your own supply”.

Benefits of customer journey mapping activity

If we talk about the benefits of customer journey mapping, it helps you to

  • pick out where you may be falling short, and
  • Where silos exist within your company.

See, in a company or organization, business processes work in a comprehensive manner. One function or department should communicate with the other. Meaning, One business process should be input for the other and vice versa.

However, sometimes, there may be process gap or bad user experience. There may exist a situation where, quality of services or functionality might not be adequate to retain the customers.

For example, Bounce rates in a website can be one factor if your product is web-based.

Hence, customer journey mapping helps to rule out all the existing gaps and silos in a business process.

Best practices for conducting customer journey mapping review

There are various methodologies and procedures to perform customer journey mapping and visualizing the user experience. However, some key factors and practices to consider are below –

  • Set your targets with respect to the business goals and objectives
  • Create buyer, user or customer personas. This means to create cases to understand Ifs and Buts.
  • Identify motivations and pain points.
  • Map out the buyers journey
  • Maximize the details of touchpoints
  • Find your moment of truth with visualization of user journey
  • Revise, improvise and surprise. You need to revise and improvise your business processes with new ideas and keep the buyers engaged and surprised.

Download and use Customer journey mapping presentation template

Business managers and owners might require customer journey mapping and user experience overview in their KPI reporting or monthly reporting presentations. The template here helps you quickly create one.

So, to download and use the presentation template for customer journey mapping, follow the steps below –

  • Download this presentation template by hitting the “Download” Button in this page.
  • Use decompressor software like 7zip nd WinRAR to extract the zipped file of this presentation template.
  • To use this presentation, you must have Google Slides access or Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Open the presentation with PowerPoint or Upload it in Google Drive to open with Google Slides.


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